Las Vegas Outdoor Vinyl Banner Printing

2021-12-24 02:35:32 By : Mr. Eric Shen

Outdoor Vinyl Banner Printing is easy to order and obtain in Las Vegas. There are many sign stores that can make vinyl banners for both outdoor and indoor use very cheaply and quickly. This is because most sign shops have large format printers capable of printing at amazing speeds with high quality. The old sign and banner printers have been replaced with new modern printers that are more capable than ever before.

Same Day Las Vegas Outdoor Vinyl Banner Printing is Available

Because of the speeds of the modern sign banner printer, many outdoor banners can be made the same day. These banners are printed with eco solvent or ultra violet inks on a 13 ounce banner material. The banners come with hemming on the perimeter along with grommets every two feet to allow hanging the banner easy. Outdoor vinyl banner printing uses environmentally friendly inks that can withstand the very hot summer months in Las Vegas. These inks resist fading and are long lasting.

Outdoor vinyl banner printing is not expensive and costs around $3.00 a square foot for a full color banner. On this banner you can print any color you want along with logos and pictures. Sign stores will also advertise banner specials like Posterhead Signs that has a 3ft x 8ft full color banner for $39.00. In fact, many vendors at trade shows will print very large banners in the sizes of 8ft x 8ft or 8ft x 10ft for backdrop banners for the back of their booths. Las Vegas local businesses will use these banners for advertising and place them on their buildings or fences to attract the attention of people driving by. often, businesses that are located adjacent to the freeways where thousands of vehicles travel every day, they will place large banners that can be seen. These large banners will act as sort of a billboard but without the monthly rental fees.